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1.Use of Website

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2.Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

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By using our Website you acknowledge and accept that the Website and its content is only intended for personal and not commercial use. You may “download” or/and copy or/and store individual parts of the Website for strictly personal use without deleting the indications of its origin, provided that you protect all of LND Law Firms’ property rights from any infringement. Neither the access to the Website nor any of the above-mentioned actions shall create any right, title, or legal interest on any part of the website that was “downloaded” or/and copied or/and stored.

Subject to the above permitted uses, the Website may not be reproduced, copied, leased, sold, sublicensed, assigned, transferred, exported, transmitted, retransmitted, or distributed in whole or in part in any way by the user, nor be licensed for commercial use or any other purpose without the prior written consent of LND Law Firm or any other copyright holder. The modification, translation or any other alteration of the Website and the creation of derivative works is expressly prohibited. Similarly, disassembling, rebuilding or otherwise attempting to obtain the source code of the Website and decompiling (except to the extent permitted by law) is prohibited.

LND Law Firm respects and protects the intellectual property rights of any third party. If, however, you consider that the Website infringes in any way on your intellectual property rights, you shall inform the LND Law Firm by sending an e-mail specifying the part of the Website that you consider to infringe on your rights, as well as the basis of such infringement.

3.Liability and limitations

Our Website is used “as is” and is subject to modifications made by LND Law Firm. You cannot make any modifications or other interventions to LND Law Firm s’ Website.

LND Law Firm always acts in good faith, according to our legally mandated obligations and the Terms presented herein. We have further adopted all necessary technical and operational measures to ensure that (i) the Website works uninterruptedly and properly at all times, with no interruptions, problems, delays, or errors (ii) all data/information provided and transmitted or transferred through the Website are not altered or damaged, (iii) the technology and the servers through which the Website is offered to the users does not contain any viruses or other harmful components or software, (iv) the content is complete and updated. However, we do not warrant all of the aforementioned and shall not be held liable in case you suffer any detriment due to any of the aforementioned reasons.

LND Law Firm is not liable and is by no means obligated to compensate the user for the inflicted  damage (direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage)  related to: a) technical issues that may arise out of the use of the website by the user or any third party and are related to the operation or compatibility of the user’s own infrastructure with the website, b) “viruses” that may spread causing problems or other damage, c) unauthorized access or modification or deletion or  loss of the user’s data, d) the cost to recover lost data or information, e) acts or omissions of a third party, in particular, third party’s unauthorized  interference in products or/and services or/and information available on the website, f) any other issue that may arise out of interferences taking place during the use of the website or inaccessibility of the Website.

Nothing in this Website is to be considered as solicitation or constitution of an attorney-client relationship between the user and LND Law Firm or as rendering of legal advice for any specific matter. The services or information provided in the Website do not constitute a solicitation for the formation of an attorney-client relationship. All liability in respect of actions taken or not taken based on any services of the Website is disclaimed.

The abovementioned limitations do not apply when the inflicted damage was caused by LND Law Firms’ intentional or negligent act or omission.

4.Proper functioning

LND Law Firm makes every reasonable effort for the maintenance and availability of the website. Users, however, recognize that the internet is an insecure place, and that availability may be affected by Users’ equipment, other communication networks, internet service providers, the large number of people using the Website at the same time or other causes. Users acknowledge that LND Law Firm is not responsible for the interruption of operation or the non-proper operation of the Website.

LND Law Firm may modify or/and temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of the entire website or part of it by or without prior notification and does not provide any guarantee regarding the uninterrupted, timely and error-free use of the Website. For this reason, to the extent permitted by applicable law, LND Law Firm shall not be liable for any damage caused due to the inaccessibility or interrupted operation of the Website. LND Law Firm reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of the entire Website or part of it for maintenance or upgrading purposes.

Although LND Law Firm makes every effort and takes all necessary security measures to protect the Website from digital viruses or/and any type of harmful or destructive files (or programs) meant to interfere with, destroy or limit the operation of a software, LND Law Firm cannot guarantee that the Website will remain unaffected by such viruses. The integrity and preservation of your software systems and equipment depends on your own diligence and the LND Law Firm shall not be liable in the event that your files and electronic equipment (software and hardware) has been infected by viruses and other harmful files as set out above.

5.Limitation of liability concerning the provision of legal advice

This Website is dedicated to providing you with information about our work and expertise. The Website may feature news and articles with the aim to inform visitors about legal issues in Greece and abroad. Our articles are not intended to constitute legal advice and the content included herein should not be construed as an invitation or inducement to engage or to proceed to specific acts or omissions.

Please note that in order to acquire professional legal services for your case, you must contact our offices directly and communicate with our experienced team of legal experts. Our Website does not constitute a channel through which professional and customizable legal advice is offered. Any communication with our lawyers initiated by the visitors of the website shall not be construed as an instruction to us to provide legal services. Any provision of legal services should be initiated further only to a specific agreement and shall be mutually negotiated and executed.

6.Links to other websites

The Website may contain links (links, hyperlinks, banners) to third party websites. The content of these websites is controlled solely by their owners who control the availability, content, privacy policy, the quality and completeness of other websites’ services accessible through “links” or hyperlinks on our Website. Should any issue arise out of the use of these websites, you must directly address the respective websites and webpages responsible for the provision of their services.

LND Law Firm does not guarantee the availability and security of these websites and is not responsible for their operation, their privacy policies, for their content, the correctness, legality, completeness, and accuracy of the information provided therein or for the quality and features of the products or services made available on these websites. LND Law Firm by no means approves, accepts or is responsible for the content of each link, and said redirection does not constitute a commitment, guarantee, encouragement, or endorsement on our part regarding the content or the quality of the products or services provided on these websites.

7. Ads and Social Media

LND Law Firm does not display advertisements from third parties through the website. Any mention to other law firms, consultants, suppliers etc, shall be made only in relation to the provision of their services to us (for example regarding the development of our website) and shall not be construed as an advertisement.

Media posted on our social media channels and/or our Website is intended for a general overview and discussion of the subjects dealt with and does not constitute an official stance of LND Law Firm on a specific piece of legislation, legal issue or case discussed, nor does it create a lawyer-client relationship. Our posts and activity on social media may be freely shared online through the appropriate channels of the social media provided that we have given our prior written consent and the origin/source/author of the article/post is explicitly mentioned on the shared post.

8.Personal Data

The protection of your personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU and the applicable national and european legislative and regulatory framework for the protection of personal data. You can browse through our Website without providing any personal information.

For further information regarding the processing and protection of your personal data, please read carefully our Privacy Policy applying as an integral part of the present Terms of Use. For more information regarding the “cookies” used on our Website please refer to our Cookies Policy.

9. Dispute resolution

The User and LND Law Firm shall make every effort to settle amicably any dispute that may arise out of these terms, their validity, interpretation, and operation of the Website.

If it is unable to resolve the relevant dispute out-of-court, the dispute shall be resolved by the Courts of Thessaloniki.

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